We Walk with You Everystep of the Way: Freedom!


Own Primary Home

Step 1

Women Own (Wo)

Women OWN Homes (Initiative #1)

Home Ownerships is one of the first steps towards financial freedom. In these one on one workshops, you learn everything you need to do in order to purchase your first home. 

You will:

1. Meet with a reputable mortgage representative who will tell you where you are NOW and what you need to do to qualify for the BEST interest rate and terms

2. Develop a realistic action plan that will take you from inquiry to closing

3. Actively and aggressively rectify credit issues

4. Meet with the best Realtors in Atlanta and select representation

5. Pre-qualify for a affordable mortgage

6. Receive a GIFT contribution from WO for your down payment 

7. Offer. Accept. Close.

8. Celebrate

9. Move to a NEXT STEP!


Own vacation property

A Next Step


own investment property

A Next Step