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The WOMEN OWN Initiative! 

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D. L. Perry

Ms. Perry is a woman that decided years ago that she would own her life. With over 25 years of experience in the housing industry, she was able to parlay this dynamic and transferable skill set into several successful independent endeavors. She is an advocate for women's rights, serving as an Ambassador for Women for Women International, is an international children's book author, supports local empowerment efforts for her community and is a entrepreneur.  This  effort is being applauded by community leaders and stakeholders. WO  operates as a non-profit program under the Melton Foundation.

As the Mommy of two beautiful children and investor, she knows first hand what it takes for Women to Own.



WOMEN OWN (WO)  has garnered support from Banks, Mortgage Companies, Brokers, Realtors and Financial Advisers who have committed their time, talent and resources to the participants of WO. Our initiative supports a ONE STOP SHOP. We bring ALL of the experience, tools and resources that women need to OWN. WO is a MELTON Foundation initiative, a non profit organization serving Atlanta communities.



Our goals are simple and quantifiable. It is our mission to provide Single Women with the resources and support they need to purchase their primary home (providing stability for themselves and their families) and then graduate to building generational wealth through the acquisition of real assets and generating multiple streams of income by turning hobbies into businesses and passion into non profits.

Bank with Chase and earn $350*. Isn't that a great Earnest Money nest egg?




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Women Own INVEST is a community of like-minded women, who want to succeed in real estate investing. We believe that support, training and encouragement are important factors to success, while forming personal connections in a fun and fulfilling environment. 

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